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October Expert Teleseminar: Conference Speaker and Author, Devi Titus

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Devi Titus

Conference Speaker and Author, Devi Titus

IAP31W Expert:  Devi Titus
Date and time:  October 26th at 11am CST
(that”s 9am Pacific, 10am Mountain, 12pm Eastern)

Devi Titus is among America’s most recognized Christian conference speakers and authors.  She first came to the attention of women nationwide in 1978 when she founded and edited VIRTUE magazine, a successful Christian alternative to secular women’s magazines.  VIRTUE magazine raised a standard of excellence for women’s lives for 22 years.  For this work, Devi Titus was presented the Superior Performance Award by the Washington Press Women’s Association.

Join Renowned Conference Speaker and Author, Devi Titus, as she discusses, “The Table Experience.”  You”ll discover what creates deeper, more meaningful relationships, especially when two strong leaders live together.


What you will learn on the call:

  • The reason that it is important to eat at the table together several times per week
  • Understanding the difference in headship and leadership 
  • The wisdom in setting the table 
  • Why research says that children who eat with their families at the table are less likely to be depressed and do better in school. 
  • Home is the place where the human heart is formed; it is either hurt, hardened, or hindered there or it is made to be safe, sensitive, and secure.


Devi Titus is a renowned conference speaker and pastor’s wife of over 40 years. She is the founder of VIRTUE magazine, The Mentoring Mansion and now, THE HOME EXPERIENCE – both an inspiring book to read and a mentoring curriculum to use. Devi has co-authored several books and is a contributing author to numerous book compilations.

Her innovative approach to ministry continually creates new venues for helping women reach their full potential. She speaks from conviction and motivates with passion; you do not forget what she says. Her life’s purpose is to meet the challenge to educate, train, and mentor women in how to navigate and implement their very important role in their homes.

Devi is a leader of leaders.  She serves on the boards of directors for several significant national and international ministries.  She is decisive and direct with a soft, tender delivery.

Her personality is infectious. Author Bunny Wilson says of Devi, “When you meet her, you experience her!”

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