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Living the Proverbs 31 Life – Proverbs 31:19

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Proverbs 31:19 She lays her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.

In verse 13 (Lesson 5), we saw where the Proverbs 31 Woman sought out wool and flax and worked with willing hands to develop it. This verse is akin to verse 13, in that it speaks to the spinning process of the wool and flax. The spindle and the distaff are parts of the machinery used in weaving cloth. Not only are her hands “willing” to develop the wool and flax, but she also actually develops it. Of course, I’m looking at the spiritual aspects of the text. The literal aspect is that she seeks out wool and flax and spins it and weaves it into cloth. Again, outside of people in the textile industry, I believe most of us are not very interested in spinning our own wool and flax. So, in keeping with the spiritual implications of verse 13, the Proverbs 31 Woman keeps to the task of sharing the Good News with the saved (so that we not live beneath our privilege) and with the lost.

This verse also shows that the Proverbs 31 Woman is able to take the raw materials of her life and weave them into something useful for the Master. Only God’s wisdom can enable you to take the raw materials of your life and weave them into something fit for the Master’s use. For example, the raw materials for a cake include eggs, sugar, butter, and flour, but too much or too little of any of these materials would throw off the outcome of the cake. The measure of the ingredients, not to mention the timing of when to mix the ingredients together, has to be just right. Otherwise, a cake can come out flat and hard, instead of light and fluffy. Just as one needs “cake-baking wisdom” in order to bake a cake that’s fit to eat, one needs “life-living wisdom” in order to have a life that’s fit for the Master’s use. Fortunately, God gives us His wisdom liberally and not only blesses us with a life fit for His use, but also with an exciting life worth living. Stay obedient to all God has called you to and you will have a life fit for the Master’s use and continuously walk in His blessings of peace and prosperity. See ya in the next article!

Be blessed! See ya next week!


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