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Living the Proverbs 31 Life – Proverbs 31:18

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Proverbs 31:18 She tastes and sees that her gain from work [with and for God] is good; her lamp goes not out, but it burns on continually through the night [of trouble, privation or sorrow, warning away fear, doubt, and distrust]. The Proverbs 31 Woman is a confident and assured woman. She looks upon her work with and for God and recognizes that it is good. I could say that she is a self-confident and a self-assured woman and this would be true; however, it goes beyond this. Her confidence and assurance are not built upon what she can do, but upon who she is in God and what she can do through Him. Being a Proverbs 31 Woman is hard work, so like the Proverbs 31 Woman of our text, it’s important that we look back on our accomplishments and be proud of them. This will encourage us to continue working hard. We don’t do this in an arrogant way, we just know deep down inside that we are good. Of course, we keep our egos from becoming inflated by simply remembering that it is only through God’s grace that we’ve accomplished anything at all. We know that without God we are a “nothing” and a “nobody.” So, we are certain to appreciate the gift, but only worship the “Giver,” for it is in Him that we live, move, and have our being.

The second part of this verse gives us insight as to why the Proverbs 31 Woman can taste and see that her gain from work is good. It says her lamp does not go out, but burns on continually through the night. This lamp is reminiscent of the lamp found in the Inner Court of the Tabernacle of Moses. (See Exo. 25:30-36.). The lamp is

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a symbol of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The light that illuminates from the lamp is symbolic of Jesus’ being the light of the world. The oil that fuels the lamp is symbolic of the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, having a lamp that burns through the night (of hard times) comes as a result of being rooted and grounded in the Lord. A Proverbs 31 Woman is fueled by the Spirit of God and lets the light of Jesus shine through her. By doing so, she is ever victorious in her work with and for God and can easily look back and say, “This is good.” Stay connected to the Source and you, too, will walk in total confidence and enjoy a profitable life. Be blessed! I’ll see ya in the next article!


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