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Join Min. Patricia D. Samuels, MA for an Awesome, FREE Teleseminar!

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Join Min. Patricia D. Samuels, MA for an Awesome,
FREE Teleseminar on Saturday, February 25, 2012, 11 am CST

Patricia Samuels

“The Virtuous Woman”s Guide to
Powerfully Communicate with Men to Increase Results!”

Dear Sister,

May I share something personal with you?

After many failed relationships – having done some things right, but clearly some things wrong – I decided enough was enough! I prayed, “God, there has to be an answer to this. Surely, this isn”t just the Way. Things. Are.” God, being the prayer-answering God that he is, began to minister to me.

At that point, being the ever-studious woman that I”ve always been, I decided to become a “student of men.” That is, I decided to learn how men think. This was not so that I could gain an advantage over men and manipulate them, but so that I could foster a win-win relationship with them.

Of course, once you learn how someone thinks, i.e., what makes them tick, you can certainly use your powers to manipulate and control them. However, that”s not what I”m about. In fact, one of my friends recently emailed me saying,

Trish, I wish that every woman on this planet would take God”s message and love for one another like you do. You have always reminded me of

someone who just wants to live right with as little drama as possible.

So, if you just want to learn some tricks to manipulate men, please don”t sign up for my teleseminar…

This call is for women who love God, but for some reason, have failed to connect with men. Don”t worry. There is hope for you, my sister. I have learned so much that I am just bursting at the seams to share it with you!

And get ready…once you learn these secrets, you”re going to become a man-magnet! Just think how easy it will now be for you to meet Mr. Right! In fact, another of my male friends actually describes me as a “man-magnet.” I didn”t set out to be one. It”s just a by-product of learning how men think and not using it against them.

So, if you”re having problems with men – wondering, “If God can understand men, why can”t I?!”

Jump – On – This – Call!!!

Girl, I have some help for you!

On this call, you will learn:

  • The main thing that affects how a man treats you…
  • Why what works to get you the corner office won”t work with a man…
  • Why you don”t have to worry about never meeting Mr. Right…
  • Why and how you MUST protect your heart…but not by putting up walls…
  • Why Christianity is actually your ticket to success! …and…
  • A few simple things you can do RIGHT NOW that will make you IRRESISTIBLE to men!

You”ll also learn how you can claim a discount off of membership in the International Association of Proverbs 31 Women [IAP31W]. This Association is designed to help you achieve and maintain successful relationships and success in all aspects of life!

Sign up NOW to reserve your spot on this complimentary call.

Yes, I would like to attend this free call with Min. Patricia on how I can increase my results with men!
*Details will be delivered to your email address after you sign up.

Please note upon registration you will also receive a complimentary subscription to “Living The Proverbs 31 Life” Weekly Newsletter, which you may cancel at any time. We will not share with, nor rent or sell your information to any other organization.

Space is limited on this call. Fill in the boxes above right now to reserve your spot and have access to the call recording as well.

This is your year to have great love in your life. Get on this call so that you can start winning with men!

Success in Christ,

Min. Patricia

Patricia Samuels Ministries P.O. Box 16 Cedar Hill, Texas 75106

© 2012 Patricia Samuels Ministries, Inc.


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