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Benefits of membership

By becoming a member of the International Association of Proverbs 31 Women, you get these benefits! Join us today and take advantage of all of the Benefits of IAP31W Membership immediately. Success beyond your dreams is actually within your reach!

3397865_blogBenefit 1: Monthly Teleseminar with a Guest Expert ($600 value)

Members will get advice and valuable tips from our experts in the various areas which make up the Proverbs 31 Woman. Areas include spiritual growth, physical and emotional health, satisfying relationships, outer and inner beauty, and financial soundness, including entrepreneurship!

Members will have access to digital recordings of each call, so no need to be concerned with scheduling conflicts. Files are mp3 format and easily downloaded into your computer or mp3 player.

quizzes2Benefit 2: Meyers Briggs™ Personality Test* ($200 value)

Members will have access to the top-of-the-line Meyers BriggsTM Personality Test* to assist the Member in Discovering and Living out her True Purpose!

*abbreviated version of the original test

Benefit 3: Living Your Dreams, Expressing Your Gratitude™ Success Planner ($50 value)

Members will receive this combination Dream Discovery and Gratitude Journal with step-by-step instruction in how to use this Planner to manifest your dreams!

Benefit 4: A copy of the entire verse-by-verse study of the Proverbs 31 Woman ($20 value)

Members will receive their own beautiful, colorful pdf download of the entire verse-by-verse study of the Proverbs 31 Woman.

picBenefit 5: Monthly Member Spotlight ($180 value)

Members will have the opportunity to be showcased on the IAP31W website in the Monthly Member Spotlight for those with businesses or ministries!

Chat_128Benefit 6: Members’ Private Social Networking Site (Priceless!)

Members will enjoy their own private Social Networking Site! Members will have the opportunity to network and associate with other success-minded women. It is so important to get away from those who have your problem and get around those who have your answer!

Join us today!