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Min. Patricia D. Samuels

Min. Patricia D. Samuels, MA has been speaking in public (in churches and in schools) since the tender age of 10 and sought after for advice since even before then. While barely a woman herself, she was called upon to serve as the Women’s Sunday School Teacher of the Salem Missionary Baptist Church of Port Arthur, Texas. In this position she was the youngest person in her class while serving students, some of whom were fifty years her senior. After receiving the Holy Spirit’s Baptism, she began sensing the call to ministry, which many others had already seen in her, but which she denied. She reluctantly accepted her call, but “told” God that she would teach Vacation Bible School and an occasional Sunday School class in her “spare time” of jet-setting abroad as an International Corporate Attorney. God found this plan to be quite humorous. While teaching the Women’s Sunday School class and accepting her call, she was again called upon – this time to teach the Sunday School lessons on the radio – to prepare listeners for their upcoming Sunday School classes. From this emerged the “Walking Through The Scriptures With Patricia” radio broadcast, hosted by the late-great, Bro. Jessie Samuels, Sr., Gospel Promoter and Disc Jockey for over 50 years. In 2000, Patricia Samuels Ministries was incorporated to allow givers the opportunity to be blessed (through tax deductions) and in 2003 the ministry-intensive website,, was launched.  Additionally, Patricia obtained a Master’s degree in Human Sciences (Psychology/Sociology) with the specific purpose of using it for Kingdom building. One Kingdom-building initiative is the International Association of Proverbs 31 Women, designed to empower Christian women from all over the world to successfully live the Proverbs 31 lifestyle! The ministry continues to grow; the Minister continues to grow.

patriciasamuelslogoIn childhood and as a young adult, Patricia encountered many near-death experiences and was miraculously kept alive on several occasions. She was rescued from a burning house when she was an infant, kept from nearly severing a main artery at age 5, survived a train wreck at age 17, and survived an 18-wheeler collision at age 24. In retrospect, Satan’s assassination attempts made the ministry call make sense. Patricia has a special call on her life to encourage and exhort others to live victoriously based upon the principles of God’s Word. Patricia’s style of speaking is to-the-point, yet sensitive, sometimes humorous and always uplifting. Patricia believes that the ability to live the overcoming, victorious life is available to all who will receive it.

Patricia is a member of The Potter’s House Church of Dallas, Texas where Bishop T.D. Jakes serves as Senior Pastor. At The Potter’s House, Patricia has been a part of the Counseling Ministry and has served with the Grammy Award-winning and Stellar Award-winning, Potter’s House Mass Choir for over eight years.


Saved, Sanctified and Holy Spirit-Filled; Ordained Minister, Therapon Institute; Board Certified Christian Counselor (Belief Therapist), Therapon Institute; Certified Christian Marriage and Family Therapist, American Society of Christian Therapists; Certificate in Mediation Training, Our Lady of the Lake University and Associates in Mediation, Inc.


Our Lady of the Lake University, MA Human Sciences (Psychology/Sociology), 4.0 GPA; LSU School of Law (1st year Law); Texas A&M University, BA Modern Languages (French), Biology Minor; Thomas Jefferson High School, Port Arthur, Texas, Cum Laude.